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Building through Facebook Lives


Social Media IS: a GREAT tool to connect with others to build your business and contact list.


Social Media IS NOT: where you spend 100% of your time.

Here are a few guidelines from Top Network Marketing Trainers:

  1. Choose your top 2 social media platforms to work from.
    ie: FB personal profile, FB business page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Blog.
    You don’t want to try and manage them all!​


  2. Identify your target market. As much as we want to help everyone and anyone, the reality is we can’t market to everyone. We must know who are ‘niche’ market is so we can post to attract that market.

    1. Male example: Men and women, active and want to earn extra money to build a full-time income working from home and provide the flexibility to do the activities they enjoy, like mountain biking and skiing.

    2. Women example: Women, age 27-57, educated, love health and wellness, want to make extra money for the family or a full-time income working from home.

  3. Have a great Profile Picture on all your Social Media platforms. Should be a picture of you alone and include your smiling face, up close, chest up. Make sure it’s not blurry, no pets, no family members.

  4. FB, Go Public and hide your friends list! You’re in network marketing now. You want to ‘network’ beyond your friends and family and you want to hide your friends list from other network marketing pros. (FB, Settings, Privacy, Who can see my stuff - Public. And, Who can see your friends list. Only Me.)

  5. FB - Add a timeline review so people can’t post to your page without your approval.
    (FB, Settings, Timeline and tagging, Review post friends tag = On).


  6. FB - Have a Cover Photo that tells your story.
    Have a cover photo that is professional and represents who you are. Don’t mention the company or products. Try using to design a clean simple cover photo (Create a custom size image: 1640 x 624. Double the size required so your image isn’t blurry).


  7. FB - Update your Summary. Identify what you are here to do.
    Intro Summary - Get creative.

    1. Example: I teach people how to Create Wealth and Discover Health.

  8. Plan your posts. Post 1-2x a day Monday through Friday. Saturday/Sunday afternoon only. Know your market and when they are online. The most common time is 7-10pm in your time zone. Always include a photo, images (quotes) or video. Go LIVE!

  9. What to post or what to talk about LIVE.
    We ALWAYS want to create a sense of curiosity. Don’t share the name of the company or product names and photos! Share more about your work at home business, network marketing info, financial education.:

    R – Results.
    Post every now and again.
    - Success with a product - again create curiosity. Not a picture of the product.
    - Team results....
    - A welcome….in comments for more information on how we got ‘Kim’ started, send me a private message.
    - Show how much someone got paid….blur out the money.

    V – Value.
    The more value you give the better chance you’ve got at succeeding
    - Financial Education
    - Quotes…Your perspective on it.
    - Book references.

    L – Lifestyle.
    Show your friends, family and followers that you’re living an exciting life.
    - Capture moments.




  1. ​Post with a link directly to your store.

  2. Share posts: Or Share sparingly. Instead, use others materials for ideas and inspiration to craft your own message / post.

*** Now it's time to - Announce that you are a Business Partner ***

Go LIVE on Facebook with an Overcome Nation leader. Share your excitement and why you became a partner. Have 3 interview questions for your guest. Let people know you are ready to help them on their wealth and health journey.

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