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Now that you have immersed yourself in action and focused on the simple steps of talking to people, inviting, and doing an event, it is time to get yourself oriented.  Seems counterintuitive, right? It’s not!


In fact, if you are here in this section watching every video before you have gone through the action steps in the previous lesson, do not proceed! The biggest mistake people make is getting ready to get ready to get ready.  Analysis paralysis will kill your business. Stop the madness!

  • Set up a Getting Started Right Call  with your sponsor.  You can utilize the Checklist or Process Sheet to help guide you.
    ours upon enrolling.

  • See LIVE Business School Trainings on the Overcome Nation Team Facebook Page every single week!  

    M W F Su - 5pm PST / 8pm EST 

    You'll also find:
    - New Brand Partners Welcomed
    - Rank Advancements
    - Company Promotions 
    - And More

  • Weekly Scorecard - Track your income producing activity

  • Vasayo Back Office  - Log in to view your business at
    (Training videos on how to use the back office are under Tools | Doc & Media. Scroll down to Training Tools.)


  • In the Vasayo back office, access Vigniter to maximize your success - Create Action Plan, Manage Contacts, etc.

  • Vasayo App - Learning and Sharing tools - Videos, PDFs, Social Media, Send Samples and more

    (Download at your App Store and use at on your desktop)


  • VAP (Vasayo Action Plan) Book - Comes in your enrollment kit

  • Vasayo Store - business cards, brochures, apparel and more

  • Brand New to Network Marketing? Intro Video Training - TCB Global

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