When Lions Become Generals in Network Marketing Volume 2

Great change is coming to the Network Marketing space in the way of financial education and solid business acumen. The industry produces almost 300 billion a year in revenue globally and almost 98% of its participants have very poor business understanding. Imagine the impact the skilled individuals will have in this same space with the right financial education.


This training manual provides in depth understanding of the Network Marketing space with both practical and advanced business education on how to become a General in this lucrative industry. It represents decades of experience passed down from the some of top earners this industry has ever seen. Getting people in, keeping them in and moving them into leadership can only happen with a complete development system.


The principles learned in this manual also apply to traditional businesses.

When Lions Become Generals in Network Marketing Volume 2

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  • This manual is truly one of a kind and is worth far more than it’s sale price. Rick Gutman considers this manual his life’s work of understanding the MLM space.

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