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Create Wealth, Discover Health

We are glad you are here!  On this page you will learn more about how you can earn income by becoming a Vasayo Brand Partner, testimonials and about our incredible products. You'll see excitement and the results people are getting.

Watch the videos that you can relate to best, then get back to the Brand Partner that sent you this link.


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We Are Vasayo



BP stories

Small Business Owner and 7 Figure Entrepreneur

Network Marketing through the eyes of a 7 figure entrepreneur and small business owner.

Self Made Single Mom

Self made single mom w/ background in finance and real estate investing turns Diamond in Vasayo

Former COO and NWM Skeptic

Former COO and Network Marketing skeptic.  Busy stay at home single mom. Leader in another Network Marketing company, left it behind to come build with Vasayo.

Millennials - Young and Financially Free

Million Club earners leave former NWM company to join Vasayo

Full Time to Home Time

Young and Financially Free! Why this business is perfect for Millennials. 

Greg & Christine Plaskett. After 7 years in their previous NWM company, earning well over 1 Million dollars. They left a multiple 6 figure income to join VASAYO and start completely over. Here is their story.

From Full time to home time. How this amazing industry can change lives!

Through the eyes of a Special Ops Sailor

Real Estate Talk 

Gym Owner and Entrepreneur

Network Marketing through the eyes of a Special Ops sailor. My skepticism, my success, and my reward.

Why network marketing can be the better investment.

Entrepreneur and gym owner - why Vasayo can be the perfect complement to your facility

New to network marketing?

Work full time? Meet Jason Semper and learn about his success with Vasayo.



The Science. What are Liposomes?

CBD Oil and Cream- Get your mind & body in harmony

Core - Fill in Your Diet Gaps

VSlim - Slim Down in a Healthy and Natural Way

V3 - Boost your Energy Naturally

Beleza - Clean Beauty Skin Care

Eternal - Look & Feel your Best from the Inside Out

Renew - Reduce Inflammation / Support your Joints

V-Tox - Optimize your Body's Daily Cleansing Power

Sleep - Abandon Counting Sheep for Some Quality Shut Eye

Neuro - Feed Your Brain

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