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Are You Tired of Spending a Lot of Time and Still Staying Stuck at Only $10k to $50k per Month?

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The Process






Find out why some of the top coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors in the world are hiring Rick Gutman to coach them on how to make money faster in their business and from stage...

And How Many of Rick's Students are Having Six and Even Seven Figure Days.


Kim Bottger is a single mom turned millionaire. She has become one of the best sales people on the planet.

"I could listen to Rick Gutman for days at a time. He's one of my favorite people, you should listen to every word he says!"

Join Overcome Nation...

(Learn Business Principles From One of the Best to Ever Do It)

Hear What Rick's Students Are Saying...

How Do You Know if This is For You?

The fact is, if you are just getting started, you don't have a product or service that is already selling this is not for you!


If you are looking to make a lot of money without having to work, this is not for you! If you are not coachable, this is not for you! 


If you are looking for a quick fix easy path to riches this is not for you!


If you are broke, don't have good credit and you're looking for a way to save you from having to file bankruptcy, foreclosure or some other form of financial disaster this is not for you! 


If you are a whiner, complainer or blamer, this is not for you and never will be! If you are looking for someone else to do the work or otherwise rescue you, this is not for you!


Who This Mastermind is For...

If you already have a business doing between $10,000 and $50,000 dollars per month in revenue and you are looking for a way to grow what's already working for you, then this is definitely right up your ally!


If you are an author, speaker, coach or consultant who is already having success and your students, clients and customers are more like raving fans and you are looking to scale, then this is exactly what you have been looking for! 


If you have a service oriented business and you are looking for a way to totally productize your business or add a product selling element to your service business, then this is for you! 


If you are a speaker who has been negatively impacted by COVID 19 and you've had a lot of your events canceled then this is for you. 


If you are a speaker who would like to raise your speaker fee without the fear of losing speaking gigs then this training is definitely for you. 

Will You Be The Next Success Story?

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